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Nov. 5th, 2008 @ 12:33 pm NOW, just maybe.......
...... the USA can be a friend to the world instead of the School Bully.
Maybe now the world can do a little healing.
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Oct. 30th, 2008 @ 09:58 pm Why I'm voting for Obama
Several days ago, I got an email from a girl I was friends with in high-school.
She had friended me on Myspace and we had done some catching up.
She had noticed that I was supporting Obama, and sent me a long letter telling me how only McCain can make things right and how much she hates Obama.
She started out by referring to him as Obama Binladen.

This was my response.

The Obama Binladen name is petty and childish.
I expected better from you.
Obama is the mans' name.
America at it's best is supposed to be a place where any child can grow up to be president, despite his ancestral origins.
If you want to go down that road, I wonder why the Fundamentalist Christians never noticed that McCain translates as SON OF CAIN the original killer.

I used to respect McCain til he started Kowtowing to the Religious Right.
He is no longer his own man.
Sarah Palin is a media darling for the Hardcore, Bible Thumping Right.
I like Obama because the guy has brains and compassion.
I agree with most of what he says.
Upon close scrutiny, I find his plan better then McCains.
McCain through the debates, has shown himself to be tired weary and out of touch with what America needs.
I do regret that Obama is against Gay marriage.

I look at my young African American male students, and I want them to have a role model that is not another Sports Figure, Rapper, Drug Dealer, Pimp.
A man they can see got to where he is through Education and Knowledge.
An articulate man.

I would have voted Obama no matter what, but there was a time that a McCain win wouldn't have bothered me so much.
Then his handlers chose Palin as his VP.
She, being anywhere near the red-button scares the hell out of me.
Had we gone to high school with her, she would have been one of those popular girls that made rejects like us miserable.
Shallow, Vacant and cruel to those who didn't measure up to her standards.
Add to that the fact that she belongs to the same kind of church that abused me as a child, and put me through exorcisms every month, makes me despise her even more.

I'm a bleeding heart Liberal, and always have been.
I am North American Born, and everything I think or say is as a citizen of the USA.
I love the land that I walk, stand and sleep on.
I am proud of the good things this country has done and ashamed of the bad things.
We are never going to get a politician in ANY office that does not answer to some force that is pushing for self interest.
I think Obama is a lesser of the evils in that regard.
So I choose Obama

That is where I'm at.
I respect where you are at, but do not agree.

So it's cool.

Your Friend,
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Jun. 18th, 2008 @ 11:03 am CHRISTIANS did not invent Matrimony!
The Jews Did not invent Matrimony!
The Muslims did not invent Matrimony!

Like the Bow and Arrow, the Wed-Lock concept happened organically, and independently all over the world.
No one culture or religion can claim ownership of the concept!

I find it so laughingly pathetic when I hear Christians claiming persecution in America!!!
They have NO FUCKING IDEA what persecution is!

I never wanna get married myself, but NOBODY should have the right to deny to consenting adults from doing it!

NO ONE!!!!
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Mar. 28th, 2008 @ 11:58 am A way YOU can help the Renzi Center!!!!!
For any of you that have been touched by the Renzi Center in some way, Please leave a comment SOON!
It cost you nothing, and will do SO MUCH!!!!!

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If you have ever just hung out with me and seen how my eyes light up when I talk about Renzi

We need your support!

Here is a fun way for you to help the Renzi Center win $10,000 offered by Oprah. Someone nominated us and all you have to do is visit the link below and leave a comment for The Renzi Education and Art Center. On March 29th, the votes will be tallied. If we have the most votes we win ten grand! Tell all your friends to vote for us, too.

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Mar. 4th, 2008 @ 10:09 pm A new song I wrote!!!!!!
From the ice-age to the Tholian-age
There is but one concern
I have just discovered :

Star Trek is Better than Star Wars
Star Trek is Better than Star Wars
Star Trek mothers are better than
Star Wars mothers

Star Trek is Better than Star Wars
Star Trek is Better than Star Wars
Star Trek mothers are better than
Star Wars mothers

As Scotty said to Chewbacca
As he opened a crate of Romulan ale :

Oh, I say :
Star Trek is Better than Star Wars
Star Trek is Better than Star Wars
Star Trek mothers are better than
Star Wars mothers

Star Trek is Better than Star Wars
Star Trek is Better than Star Wars
Star Trek mothers are better than
Star Wars mothers

Beam me the Tribble ...
The one that you sat on ...
Beam me the Tribble ...
The one that you sat on ...
And I'll beam you mine
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Feb. 20th, 2008 @ 07:34 pm When I was a kid I thought Cops were the GOOD GUYS...
.... Like Superman, Tarzan and Doc Savage.
I still think there might be some good policeman in the world. Guys who became cops to FUCKING HELP PEOPLE!!!

But the way all the local Boys in Blue are defending this SHITBAG.......

I don't like people who drink and drive.
The lady was in the wrong BIG TIME on that.
But this Asshole and all other cops like him GOTTA GO TO PRISON!

Just once I would like my city to get national attention for SOMETHING GOOD!
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Jan. 17th, 2008 @ 08:30 pm I Smell an Astronaut!!!!
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Dec. 23rd, 2007 @ 11:19 pm HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!
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Dec. 12th, 2007 @ 07:44 pm Be Honest!
Okay..... This is how I understand it.....

The so called Religious, Conservative right wingers, don't want their tax money to provide health care for the poor... RIGHT?

How can they possibly envision Jesus Christ, The Price of Peace, Etc as being against affordable Health Care, and for WAR against a country that did not attack us?????
If thats how you see him, then throw away your nice little paintings of Jesus petting lambs, and smiling at cute little kids, AND GET FRANK FREAKIN FRAZETTA TO PAINT YOU SOME NEW ONES!!!!
Fill your churches and children's Bibles with nice pictures of Jesus wearing a gleaming, breast Plate and a fur trimmed, horned helmut, swinging a huge, bloody ax!
Show him cleaving the heads off all of his enemies!
Thats what ya want!
Be honest!
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Dec. 7th, 2007 @ 01:58 pm World Without Heroes
Never a huge fan of Kiss, (Well, I always kinda liked Gene Simmons, because he was an adult who wasn't afraid to admit he liked comics, and back then comic geeks like me tended to stay in the closet, especially around girls!)

but I got the album 'THE ELDER', a concept album they did in the 80's (Right before they took the makeup off) from Itunes.
The idea was to make a soundtrack to a Sci-Fi-fantasy movie that doesn't exist.
Hardcore Kiss fans seem to hate this album.
Maybe it's because they are singing about something other then getting laid or something.
Kiss them selves seem to want to distance themselves from this album.
I downloaded it, cause I've always been curious about it.
Lou Reed apparently had something to do with it.

I'm digging it!

Here are the lyrics to the one song from the album that got airplay, back in the day...... I kinda identify with it!

A world without heroes
Is like a world without sun
You can't look up to anyone
Without heroes
And a world without heroes
Is like a never ending race
Is like a time without a place
A pointless thing devoid of grace

well you don't know what you're after
Or if something's after you
And you don't know why you don't know
In a world without heroes

In a world without dreams
Things are no more than they seem
And a world without heroes
Is like a bird without wings
Or a bell that never rings
such a sad and useless thing

well you don't know what you're after
Or if something's after you
well you don't know why you don't know

And a world without heroes
Is nothing to be
It's no place for me.
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